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Ocean Breeze Wind Art, Inc. is a small, family owned business that creates handcrafted, copper wind sculptures.  Owner/Artist, Todd Clark started making these sculptures in the early 1990’s for family and friends.  The sculptures were a labor of love for weddings, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays for many years.  In 2009, encouraged by many friends and family members, husband and wife team Todd Clark and Lisa Judd decided to start their own business and Ocean Breeze Wind Art, Inc. was born.

The  wind sculptures that Todd and Lisa make are all handcrafted works of art ranging from four to twelve feet in height.  Each wind sculpture is crafted from stainless steel and copper silently spinning on precision bearings making it virtually maintenance free.  Todd is the creative master mind and meticulous welder behind all the designs and his wife, Lisa, is the behind the scenes manager of the business. 

We only do a handful of shows each year, but come by one of our local Southern California shows and see our beautiful sculptures first-hand.













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